seriously though, why can’t it be friday? TT.TT

OMG! I Love your theme it's ridiculously KAWAII! You rock! =^.^=

wow thank you so much. reading a message like this so early in the morning makes my day. ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

Chae, your face.

Chae, your face.

Okay thank you for answering my question.!

no problem ✿♥‿♥✿

hi what is 2ne1 doing at the moment would you know? I dont see any news about anything just bom with roommate

Hey there ^^ 

Well, they’re not doing much currently tbh. On 2nd August they’re having a concert in Myanmar. A few more concerts in August and then there’s the YG Family concert on the 30th in August again. 

2NE1 seriously needs to do more photoshoots. I don’t even know what to edit anymore (T_T)

Can I just say that CL looks so good in that all black outfit. like, sO GOOD. I wish I could pull it off... Or afford it OTL

I know right? She looks so good. Even though there is nothing extra-ordinary about that outfit (except the price lol) but she pulls it off soo good. Something I can’t do either xDD 

top 5 2ne1 songs :)

that’s gonna be haaard. okay, let’s go go go

1. I Am The Best

2. Can’t Nobody

3. Go Away

4. Gotta Be You

5. Good To You